Belgium Trip Report Day 9

Trip Report

Belgium 2013          

November  2, 2013    

A girl, her hubs and a suitcase…………..

Day 9

Story  time. ….Bring your pillow, grab your blankie and come close. Belgium has been rainy, grey and unpredictable as far as weather goes. For the most part, it has not interfered, but it has halted some of our plans. Today we awoke to the damp air, like a moist blanket over the city. We skipped breakfast and walked over to the Royal Fine Arts Museum of Belgium ( We arrived right as it was opening, with a small line assembling.  The museum is a huge open space, easy to manage and loaded with German Renaissance art. We used English audio guides which were quite helpful. The art was abundant, enjoyable and informative. We stopped at the halfway point and enjoyed a light sandwich and a sweet snack in the café. Frank purchased me a lovely pair of earrings as a sweet memento and we continued on the tour.  In total we spent 5 hrs. there. It took up the majority of the day and left us mentally tired and ready for rest.

We walked back to the hotel taking in the views from the higher grounds. Brussels is a multi- level city, with elevating tiers like a concrete wedding cake. From one level, you can eye another. It is an easy city to learn and our hotel is conveniently centrally located. We grabbed a light snack and took a much needed nap.

When we awoke, we ventured out to the city with a dinner recommendation from the helpful hotel concierge. We were craving Greek food, and Brussels seems to accommodate every desire and hankering  since it is a culturally diverse area.  We dined in a charming restaurant – on a picturesque street  in the Sablon area.( The neighborhood is more residential and lacks the riff raff of the French fry addicts and waffle eaters.  The host led us up a rickety set of narrow steps and pointed to a corner table. There was a mild language barrier going on, and some mild confusion but we were able to order with only  a couple snafus. I had a vegetarian platter, lacking the major Greek components, but it was tasty and enjoyable. Frank had a fish dishing swimming in a creamy  sauce.  We restrained from dessert and ventured out.

As we began walking, the rain came heavily down. We were unequipped with an umbrella and proper cover. We huddled under a restaurant covering as patrons gawked at us. We made our way back to the hotel, ending the evening early due to the weather.

I forgot to mention some of the tourist highlights we have seen in Brussels. Grand Place( is the center of town- the square where all the action is. It is surrounded on all sides with ornate buildings, pricy shops, chocolate stores from end to end, and the meeting hub for everybody. Another major attraction that baffles me to no end is the Manneken  Pis ( . The statue of the peeing boy brings out camera snapping tourists in droves. Chocolate shops with carved out statues, cork screws, and every novelty one can imagine with this untasteful little creature.  This is purely my opinion  and no offense intended- just a  confusing curiosity.

Tomorrow is our last day….

Love and incontinent little boys J

~Brooke and Frank~

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