Belgium Trip Report Day 10 Final Day

Trip Report

Belgium 2013          

November 3, 2013    

A girl, her hubs and a suitcase…………..

Day 10     


Well, it’s about that time folks when all the Euros are gone, full and bloated and ready to go home. It has been a lovely experience and a great country. Today we awoke crawled out into the damp morning darkness. We picked up a quick croissant and made our way back to the Belgium Fine Arts Museum. There are several parts to the museum, Ancient (which we did yesterday) Modern, the Margitte and a special show featuring Roger van der Weyden-an early Flemish painter from the 15th century. We paid for the special show and also the modern museum. Frank had studied these pictures for several months as he is an art buff and was enthusiastic to see the paintings first hand.

The van der Weyden show was exceptional. We used audio guides and wondered through the exhibit. It took about 2 hrs. We broke for lunch stopping in the museum café again. We had some nice hot split pea soup and quiche for Frank, a Panini for me.  We rested our feet and our minds, then took off for the remainder. We were disappointed to find out that almost ½ the museum’s paintings, and ALL the 19th century –impressionist paintings were in the basement locked up. They are opening another museum next month to incorporate these. So, we went back to the paintings we saw yesterday-seeing them with fresh eyes.  We became quite good friends with a helpful volunteer at the information desk who shared our same disappointment.

We ventured back to the hotel with the dreary rain coming down. Made a quick souvenir stop and back to the hotel to pack for tomorrow’s early AM flight back home. Tonight we will be going to the opera hall (  for a symphony- War Requiem.    

Some CHEERS & JEERS for the trip:


  • Gent at night
  • Our fondue extravaganza
  • Our awesome room in Lille,France
  • The French pastries!!!
  • the fresh squeezed orange juice in Lille, France
  •  Palais-des Beaux Arts in Lille
  • The Trench Museum Sanctuary Woods
  • Crupet,Crupet,Crupet!
  • Luxembourg at night
  • Museum in Luxembourg
  • All Saints Day Mass
  • Spending time with my cutie pie Husband


  • Gas prices!
  • Weather! Rain!
  • Worthless U.S . dollars exchange


Anyways, it was a lovely trip and I feel I thoroughly absorbed Belgium.

Love  from your traveling twosome

~Brooke and Frank~


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